Tuesday, January 8, 2013

1st Year Anniversary Shoot!

For our 1st Wedding Anniversary we wanted to do something with Paper since that's known as the 1st Anniversary gift. (See pic below for anniversary gift chart) So we decided to make a paper kite and fly it. Well July 30th didn't happen to be that windy of a day and I think our homemade paper kite was defective somehow. It never went up ever, haha. So it was a pretty epic fail but we still got some pretty awesome pictures due to the amazing Lee Pfeil!
Fun Fact: The cloth I used for the tail of the kite was the same fabric Adriele used to make my headpiece and flowers for the wedding. I am also wearing the headpiece I wore for my wedding day and the dress I wore when we rode away on the tandem bike after the reception! Also the Giant "A" that we use in the last several pictures is the photobooth prop form our wedding! Right now it's hanging above Ryan's dresser. I still LOVE it.
Below is a cute chart of all the Anniversary Gifts made by www.iloveswmag.com

I'm losing my sandals in the pic below, haha

We were sad it didn't work!

 cool editing

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