Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My Beautiful Bridesmaids

First off I want to say that I am so proud and amazed by my sister, Amy.. The year I got married was a really hard time for her and all of us who are close to her. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in March of 2011 and had to go through several rounds of chemo.. She lost all her hair and had to get a double mastectomy as well.. My wedding was at the end of July and if I remember correctly her mastectomy was at the end of June.. My sister was my Matron of Honor with my other sister, Bethany as maid of honor.. While Amy was in the midst of all of this she had to plan my bridal shower with the help of my other sister, Mom and Aunt as welll as do other bridesmaid duties. She was such a trooper and God really did a miracle in her. We were nervous about her being able to stand up during the whole ceremony but she did amazingly well and said that it wasn't tough at all!! I helped her pick out her wig and I think it looked so beautiful on her.. She was definitely one of the prettiest girls at the wedding! The 2nd picture below is one of my all time favorites of her! She is so beautiful! As well as all my other bridesmaids! 

Picking out the dresses was such a hard thing to do! I really try very hard to please everyone and so many of the girls had different opinions on what style.. We finally chose that those that wanted short dresses could wear short and those that want long can wear long.. I really had my heart set on a green color and honestly this dress from David's Bridal was our last hope..  I didn't want a shiny fabric but because the green was such an antique color it also gave a gold-ish effect to it so it was cool.

The flowers were al green and purple and I bought all the girls purple amethyst earrings- each one was handmade and different according to what style they like.. (Bought from Etsy) I also had my friend Adriele make them each a purple flower for their hair.. I really love it when I see the girls wearing their earrings and flower. I don't know if they will ever wear that dress again, haha.. I don't blame them. Oh well..

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