Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tuesday Tunesday: Andrew Bird

Hey friends! I've got another tune for you! Unfortunately I have been pretty busy so I haven't been posting much lately but I made sure Ryan and I recorded our new tune so I could share it with y'all! We tried sharing it last night when it was actually Tuesday but for some reason Youtube wasn't uploading it right due to copy right infringement! Yikes. 

This is my favorite Andrew Bird song called, Tables and Chairs. Ryan has been obsessed with Andrew Bird for several years now and in the beginning I wasn't too crazy about him. But around a year ago we went to see him at Binghamton University and he was incredible! He performed almost every song by himself as a one man band by looping (recording then playing repeatedly) his several different instruments! Whenever I go to any show I make sure I know all the music so I can sing along and I was REALLY hoping that he would play Tables and Chairs since it is my favorite. Well he did! It was the last song he played and it was absolutely amazing! I definitely suggest seeing him in concert if he ever plays near you! Check out his website here!

This was the first song I learned on the glockenspiel, (well besides Beautiful Things by Gungor-the obvious first song for a Christian beginner glockenspielist, haha) but that is why I do everything with just my right hand in this song- I hadn't graduated into using both hands yet when I learned it, haha.

So I hope you enjoy! 

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