Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Map Love

Hey all!

So I have a sweet post to share with you today. My good friend, Kimberly Edwards, soon to be Kiimberly Constable aka 'the other Kimmy' had her bridal shower a couple weeks ago. For her shower she asked that nobody wrap their gifts in efforts to be a litte more eco friendly. So me, being the gal that spends her (very small) monthly allowance on wrapping paper, ribbons and twine, (I know what a weirdo!) said to myself, I MUST CLEVERLY STILL WRAP MY GIFT SOMEHOW! Haha, So I came up with the idea of wrapping my gift in maps. This was great for two reasons, 1. My Aunt Jeanie gave me a bunch of her old maps from different states in the US so by recycling them it made them eco friendly and useful to Kimmy even after unwrapping! Thanks Aunt Jeanie! (Very difficult wrapping without tape though! haha) 2.Kimmy is in love with travelling! Her goal is to step foot on all 7 continents before she turns 30 so this ideas fit perfectly <3 

Now I had to figure out what to wrap! Besides loving amazing packaging, I also love themes! So naturally I had to give a gift that had something to do with maps. My friend, Jenny and I decided to go in on the gift together so we started gathering ideas. Kimmy had registered for a shower curtain that was a map of the world so obviously we got that! And at the dollar store I found a puzzle of the map of the US which also was an obvious need! =) But we still wanted to do something else. Previously I had seen a cute wedding design that was a map on Etsy here. So Jenny and I decided that I could design something similar. Jenny then had the great idea to attach it to cork board so every place the newlyweds travel to they can mark with a matching pin! We found cute frames at TJ Maxx and printed out some of their engagement pictures and made little bunting to go with the whole set! It turned out great and as you can see in the pictures below our friend, Kimmy, loved them! So excited for both Kimmy and Rodney to start their journey together this August! The two little hearts represent where they met (in Poughkeepsie, NY) and where their first journey is going to be together as a married couple- their honeymoon- Bellize <3 

Note: This cute design could also be used for a wedding fingerprint guestbook! We didn't do that for Kimmy because she already decided that her guestbook would be canoe paddles! But for any of you brides to be, you could have all the guests stamp their fingerprints in the ocean and still be able to mark the places you travel to with your spouse!


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