Thursday, February 17, 2011

Save The Dates Are Sent!!

FINALLY after hours upon hours of figuring out what style (bookmarks or postcards? bookmarks or postcards?) and 
after hours of designing them during my 30 day free trial of illustrator and photoshop! and then Finally getting them 
printed at Village Printer; they are completed and sent!! 

Here is the front and back of our postcard Save the Dates

The retro wallpaper used for the background of the pictures is the background for the homemade photo booth that will be at the wedding! 
*Pictures taken by Lee Pfeil with Luke D'Imperio's camera and Marc Stewart holding
 a lamp over Lee to give us more light.. haha.. We love our friends!!

ALSO If you received your Save the Date and didn't notice the stamp.. Look Again! 

Ryan and I had our wonderful friend, Luke Moran, draw up our custom made stamps that I uploaded to Picture It Postage! 
Great website, easy to use, fast shipping and cheapest rates, however as you can tell the stamps are HUGE and unfortunately 
I had to cover up part of my postcard.. I have to admit, I cried when I found out the stamps were too big.. 
One thing I learned from all this wedding planning stuff is that not everything will be perfect and you just have to accept it.

But back to the drawing, I was thinking one day..If Ryan and I were animals, what would we be??? OF COURSE! I know.. 
BEARS! We are big, cuddly, and hairy!! Haha.. And how appropriate two bears on a bike made for two =) 
Since Ryan and I are extending our honeymoon by going on the annual, YFC bike trip this summer we 
decided one of our main logos for the wedding stationary should be that of a tandem bike.

So thanks Luke for drawing up exactly what we hoped for!! As my sister, Amy, said.. 
How approporiate, Ryan is doing all the work. Ha ha ha Sis. Not true! 

I hope you enjoyed these ideas.. I cannot take all the credit myself because I found this idea of a postcard with photobooth pictures from I encourage you to check out that website to get ideas for wedding stationary, if you're into that kind of thing =)

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