Monday, January 7, 2013

The Dress, Accesories, and Mini Me's

So this is the dress that I dreamed of having.. I don't know what it is about it but I just absolutely love it.. Unfortunately I found out it was custom made for this girl so that bummed me out.. but I knew that I just needed to look and I could find something just as great..

I had a pretty small budget for my wedding dress... I'm one of those weird girls that wants to put more money into decorations than anything else, haha.. So my options were limited.. but one day when I was searching online at David's Bridal I found this dress and loved it but that it needed some changes mainly the giant bow or rather as my bridesmaids called it the "prize ribbon" haha.. Well I went there and I tried on several dresses but when I tried on this one it seriously was that AHA moment! I didn't even need to alter it at all besides take the prize ribbon off, haha.. Here is the dress.. I'm really not a tulle kinda gal but just how it looked on me was perfect! I knew it was the one..

So the changes that needed to be made was to take the prize ribbon bow off and my amazingly talented friend, Adriele Novellano made flowers for me to put there instead. I also really wanted a headpiece similar to a couple I had seen on Untamed Petals etsy shop.. I wanted to also splash in a little color. Ryan was wearing a khaki suit and an orange tie so I decided to go with peach and a hint of orange to make us match.. The flower girls also got headpieces and flowers. I wanted them to look like mini me's and the ringbearer's to look like mini Ryan's with their orange ties and suits.. 
Here are the flowers and headpiece she made for me.. 

I also really really wanted purple flats with flowers on them.. It took me forever to find them but I did.. They were blowfish flats and I actually bought flower shoe clips from Etsy and stuck them on the flats.. The flower girls got purple flip flops from David's Bridal that also had a little poofy flower on them so we could match! 

I got my jewelry from Women at Risk which is an amazing organization that "unites and educates women to create circles of protection and hope around women at risk through culturally sensitive,  value-added intervention projects." All of the jewelry is handmade by these women who are being protected from human trafficking.. Check out there website for more info! 

Anyway I bought these beautiful pearl bundle earrings and this ring made from amethyst stones which is Ryan's birthstone! I highly suggest buying your bridal jewelry here! What an awesome way to support such a great cause!

Julia is seriously mini me and I can't take it how cute Kyleigh is! haha.

I had so many bugs in my dress because I had laid in the grass for a few pictures, haha..

Mini Ryan's =)

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