Monday, January 7, 2013

The Two Trees.

I'm sure most of you have been to a wedding where the guest book is a fingerprint tree and if not you have probably seen 
pictures on Pinterest or popular wedding blogs.. Well sadly I didn't even know Pinterest existed when I got married and now that 
I see all these amazing wedding decor ideas from Pinterest I sometimes wish I had done things differently.. However having a 
fingerprint tree for a guestbook is definitely not one of them! We love our fingerprint tree! Even now that we have been married
 for a year and a half we still look at it from time to time and it seems like we see a different name every time! 

It was really cheap to do too! We bought a frame from Michaels, Special large paper from a local Art store (I believe it was 
Stonehenge paper) a couple brown zig pens (make sure it's archival ink!) and really good quality ink pads. We bought ours 
through a friend who is a distributor of Stampin' Up.. (Her name is Adriele Novellano and she is wonderful at doing any kind of stationary!)
We then asked another lovely friend name Devan Johnson who is extremely talented (you can look her up on facebook under her page, Devan Johnson Photography) to draw our tree. She did an absolutely fabulous job! So here are some shots from the wedding!

One reason we wanted a fingerprint tree was to also go with our replacement for the unity candle.. We watered a sugar maple tree.. Yes we called it our "Love Fern" haha.. Anyway in the beginning of the ceremony we had our mothers "plant" the tree by putting soil on top of it.. Then in the middle Ryan and I had to go water it while the beautiful Esther Ellis sang a song.. Well this was probably one of the funniest moments in the wedding because I forgot to put water into the little glass pitchers so Ryan and I had to fake it the whole time. It was hilarious and all the bridesmaids could tell.. I almost burst out laughing when I looked at Jessica smiling.. Here is that moment..

Well needless to say, our Love Fern is long since been gone because I may or may not have forgotten to water it on 
several occasions.. whoops! But the memory of the lil tree will live on forever! I guess it was doomed to die from 
day 1 since I forgot to water it even on my wedding day! Haha.

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