Monday, January 7, 2013

Our Wedding Invites

I had a lot of fun doing these invites.. I got some ideas from my favorite websites and 
and then combined those ideas and came up with this! It was fun using this reoccurring theme of the zinnias.. I drew 
them and then scanned them in to illustrator and used them as the background to the design.. Later on I painted the 
Zinnias on mini canvas to hang with clothespins like bunting.. It was super cute! The bicycle is significant because our 
getaway at the reception was riding away on a tandem bike!

Fun Fact: Zinnias are one of my favorite flowers and the word Zinnia means "Thoughts of Friends" I thought using zinnias 
in my bouquet and of course all over the invites was pretty cool because especially because of this meaning.. As you can 
tell by our RSVP's we have some crazy friends and we love every single of them!! 

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