Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Cheap and Easy Wall Art

This past winter I saw an awesome idea on Pinterest to make snowflakes out of popsicle sticks. Unfortunately the pin won't let me access the blog anymore to reference it but you can check out the pin here >> Popsicle Stick Snowflakes

So I ended up doing the exact same thing for my wall that is by the stairwell in my living room. It looked so cool and I got a lot of compliments! However now that Spring is here and well (hopefully the snow will be gone soon!) it's time that I take my snowflakes down!

I started to think of easy shapes I could make and realized that arrows would be perfect. You can see my process of making these popsicle stick arrows below. Here are a couple quick tips- the rest is pretty easy to understand by just looking at the pictures. 1. I found it to be easier to paint the sticks before gluing them but in the original pin the person painted after gluing them together so it's up to you! 2. Make sure to lay out the popsicle sticks in the exact shape, size and arrangement before gluing to prevent any mess-ups. 3. You can use any ribbon to hang whatever shapes you make! I used red ribbon originally for the snowflakes but didn't have any left this time around so I just used some black and white striped bakers twine. Good luck to you if you decide to make a beautiful wall hanging out of popsicle sticks! I'm sure there are many other shapes and images that could be created. Maybe a whole chevron pattern or any geometric pattern would probably look awesome!??! Do you have any other ideas of a shape or image that can be created from popsicle sticks to make a beautiful wall piece?

Don't you just love cheap and easy crafts that can totally transform a wall space?!?!

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