Thursday, March 28, 2013

Let's get Healthy!

I have been wanting to seriously get fit and healthy for a VERY long time but it has always been a struggle for me to get motivated and actually do it. Within the last year or so I have realized how much my weight issue has affected how I feel and act and even treat others, not in a good way either (especially how I treat my husband, +Ryan Alsheimer). It has stolen my joy. A lot of times I don't even feel like hanging out with people or going places because "nothing fits". I know this is not right and something needs to change.

A while back I was attending a weight loss Bible study group where we read the book, Made to Crave by Lysa TerKeurst which really helped
me realize how much of a stronghold that my weight issue has on my life. I also started to realize that I was putting food and even vanity before God. After these realizations I began to give it all up to God and He began a healing process in my life. I'm not there yet but at least I know that God can help me and teach me to crave Him more than food. If you are going through a similar situation, check the book out because it really is a great resource! Lysa also wrote a wonderful daily devotional that has been helping me out tremendously!

So here are 6 ways that I am trying to get fit and healthy

1. I joined the gym again! I had a membership before I was married since my dad paid for it (haha!) but once I got married, he stopped praying and ever since then it has been hard to justify the cost. Thankfully Ryan realized how much I needed to do it again and that the money didn't matter when it came to my joy and overall health. I try to go 6 days a week but sometimes busy-ness hinders it however I need to remind myself how much we pay for it! haha. But seriously, it's all about prioritizing and making time for it!

2. Eating healthy: Back in the winter I started the 17 Day Diet which REALLY helped but then it was getting to be so hard I felt like I was depriving myself so I started doing a more modified version that included eating a tiny bit more carbs. But really what I try to do overall is just make conscious decisions each day to be a little more healthy with smaller portions, less sweets, and less carbs. This way I don't feel like I am depriving myself when I go out to eat with friends or when we have a family dinner, etc. I just choose to have a smaller portion and the healthier option. This one is the hardest though but like I said it's a process!

3. If you are trying to lose weight you MUST check out dietbet. What better way to lose weight than through competition and in the end make some serious cash! =) I have completed 3 different dietbets and have already made $50! 

4.I joined a running group! My boss is an avid runner and asked if I would be interested in running during our lunch break on MWF every week and I said Yes! Not sure what I have gotten myself into yet! We are starting tomorrow (that is if the weather cooperates) But even though I am going to the gym I realize that when you really want to lose weight you got to run unfortunately, and I HATE RUNNING. So I figured that if I am actually going to run I am going to need some serious accountability. Fortunately we are going to be taking it slow by following an App called Couch to 5k! My boss did it last year and loved it and now she runs 5k's all the time! If you have a smart phone and never heard of it you should check it out! If you live in the Oneonta area and want to run at 12pm MWF come join us! Here is the Facebook Page for Noon at Neahwa

SIDENOTE: Speaking of 5k's. If you are an avid runner and even like to get a littel dirty running. You must check out the 5k Obstacle Challenge my job is putting on! You can check it out here Tuff eNuff There is still time to register at the early bird price!!

5. Accountability. This one is SO important. Thankfully my sisters also want accountability so whenever we see each other we ask how things are going. I also just joined an accountability group on Facebook that +Traci Cavanaugh started and it has been really encouraging. She has her own blog that has wonderful tips and ideas for losing weight and being healthy. Check it out Scaling it Back

6. So since I started doing a lot more working out I convinced Ryan I needed new sneakers! (Which really is true, not just me trying to get new shoes, haha) I had been using my previous Nike Shox since I was a senior in highschool so they HAD to go! It took me FOREVER to decide what shoes to get (of course NIKE) But with the help of a couple friends I decided on these!

 Now I like going to the gym even more in my new kicks! But seriously getting some sweet work out attire is a great motivation to workout more by feeling great and looking great! =) Next I will be looking into Sweaty Bands. I need thick headbands with grippers that will keep my hair out of my face, that won't slip off, cover my widows peak and look super cute! =)
So there you have it, some of the practical ways I am hoping and praying will help me get back into shape and get healthy! What are some ways that are working for you? 

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