Monday, March 4, 2013

Reusing Big Jars

I am one of those people who are crazy about mason jars. I love them! Originally I was going to do all my wedding centerpieces for my 26 tables with all of the regular sized mason jars filled with flowers but then I realized that was going to get pretty pricey pretty quickly. Fortunately I found these awesome HUGE mason jars from Walmart for only $10! (I believe you can find them at Target as well but unfortunately we only have a Walmart in my city) So for several of the centerpieces I took large pillar candles and placed them in the jars with moss in the bottom and tied twine around the top. They looked beautiful and were extremely inexpensive! When I found the giant mason jars I also found these huge cookie jars with lids for only $10 as well! I realized quickly I could use them for the lemonade stand I wanted at our reception! Both the centerpieces and the jars for the lemonade turned out great and I loved them. But the coolest thing I love about these over sized jars is the many ways I can keep using them at home! I gave several of the jars to family members so they could use them if they ever wanted to and one day I went over to my parents house and my mom had her flour in the giant cookie jar. It looked so lovely and I thought it was such a clever idea so I did it too! Over the past year and a half of being married I have come up with other ideas to use these jars and also have gotten inspiration from blogs and Pinterest! So I am saying all of this to tell you that you should definitely use these jars for your next party, wedding, event, etc and then you can take them home afterwards and keep enjoying them!! 

Below are pictures I found of other weddings also using these jars for punch

Below are pictures of how I used these jars in other ways in my home.

And of course you can use them for cookies =) But look at all the other ways you can use these jars! I love the last picture with the jar full of crayons!

Great for a housewarming gift too!

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