Tuesday, March 5, 2013

He's in the quiet...

I know I talk to God every day and am always very mindful of Him but am I talking WITH Him? Do I take the time to just be quiet and listen to what He has to say? Unfortunately that is very rare so I hope that this blog will help me to reflect on Him and just take a moment each day to listen and be still. Last night I watched a teaching by Beth Moore speaking about the manna the Lord provided for the Israelites in the wilderness.  Exodus 16:1-32. She was expounding on the fact that each person could only gather up enough manna for that day. I have heard many teachings on how manna is a representation of Christ, the Bread of Life but I just liked how she explained why God gave us that daily dependence on Him. It's not because of His ego but because God wants us to be a relational people. We can't just store up enough of Jesus on Sundays at church and hope it will carry us through the week. Intimacy with God is not storing up. That's not how it works just like how it didn't work when the Israelites tried to gather an excess of manna. Here are a few images I found when I was perusing the internet to get inspiration for my blog's graphic. So don't forget to spend time with the Creator of the Universe today because He wants to spend time with you.


  1. Awesome....thanks for sharing this wonderful piece!!Thanks Ryan for "directing" me to this blog!! Is this a relative of yours? ;)

  2. Thanks so much Jane! Do you have a blog I could follow?