Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Vote for me, Please!

Hey all! Well I submitted a couple designs to another Minted Challenge!! This challenge was to create wedding invitations. I had a lot of fun doing both of my designs. The first one that I submitted is Zinnia Love and for those who were invited to my wedding will recognize this invite a lot because it's basically the invite I designed for my wedding! I changed it up a little bit but it is the same overall theme. The second invite is Bears on a Bike which is based on the drawing I had my friend, Luke Moran draw of two bears on a bike that I turned into stamps for our wedding invitation. I redrew the bears and turned them into vector art. So if you could rate both designs (preferrably at a 5) that would be amazing!! Click the links below to vote! Thank you so much!
Best, Kimmy

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